Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Most Bullard parents remember taking Biology in high school. For many years Biology was the only science course that every student in California was required to take in high school. 
The idea obviously was that Biology was ‘easier’ and more accessible than sciences such as Physics and Chemistry, in part because it could be taught without a lot of mathematics. 
How things have changed! Today Biology is one of the most challenging (and exciting!) fields of science. In the 21st century, the growth of our economy will depend more than ever on growth in fields of biological study, including medical research, biotechnology and environmental science.

To meet that challenge here at Bullard, the BHS Science Department offers courses that raise the bar for all of our students. We want a significant number of our Knights to have the kind of education that will allow them to choose careers in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, genomics, biotechnology and research. We know that we can count on you, Bullard parents and students, to support us in this mission!

The Goal: Students will meet or exceed California State Science Standards for the Life Sciences through mastery of basic concepts from Cell Biology, Genetics, Ecology, Evolution and Physiology.

Course Prerequisites: As an absolute minimum, all students should have earned passing grades in their most recent science course. Freshmen entering Biology should have passed an Algebra course with a grade of ‘C’ or higher. Freshmen who have not met this requirement should take Earth Science. Non-freshmen who have not yet passed an Algebra course will be accepted on a provisional basis.

More importantly, students should come to class with the expectation that the only one who learns is the one who works hard and follows directions.


Biology can be a touchy subject. It is, after all, the science that studies living things, and that includes US.

There are areas in biology that can be landmines for teachers, students and parents because they may be seen as contradicting or infringing upon their personal beliefs. Such areas might include evolutionary biology, laboratory dissections or information relating to human reproduction.

In all such cases, I pledge to uphold the standards of instruction in my discipline while respecting the diversity of beliefs and values of our Bullard community. My course will not seek to impose any doctrine or activity that might be seen as contrary to any student’s personal beliefs, but all students will still be held responsible for understanding the full curricula.

I look forward to working with you! Do not hesitate to share any concerns with me! I will always treat your beliefs and values with respect.